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Pet Rolly™

Pet Rolly™

Pet Rolly™

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More than 80% of pet owners said that pet hair was a substantial problem in their home and lives.


  • Ruins good furniture and no one wants to sit on a sofa covered in pet hair. 
  • Bad for allergies eliminating pet hair can be a great benefit to anyone with allergies that might enter your home.
  • Blocks clean air circulation and may require you to change air filters up to 5x more frequently.
  • Airborne bacteria from loose pet hair is the #1 cause for pet odors in your home.
  • Insects and rodents become attracted to the clumps and tumbleweeds of loose pet hair that eventually make it to the floor.


      Rated as the #1 hand-held grooming product for removing pet hair in your home.

      • No lint paper, filter, or batteries required.
      • Reusable and works fast on multiple surfaces.
      • 99% of pet hair removed on the first swipe.


      Remove dog or cat hair from any surface in seconds. Sofas, bedsheets, clothes, or car seats...cleaner living starts today.

      Pet Rolly loves to clean: 

      • Living Room Furniture
      • Personal Bedding
      • Car, Truck, or SUV
      • Sweaters, Pants, or Jackets
      • Dog and Cat Beds


      I have a cat that sheds all over the house, I was buying lint rollers every week. This product has been great not only in picking up hair but also saving me a lot of money!

      James Richardson

      Was in desperate need of something to remove the fur off my furniture. I have a german shepherd/chow mix and she is just a big ball of fluff that rains fur everywhere she goes. I was tired of using up all my lint roller papers because I needed that for my clothes and needed something more budget friendly since I need to really keep up with getting rid of the hair off furniture before it gets out of hand. I excitedly opened the package when I received it today and did a test run and MY GOD!!! IT DOES WONDERS without any effort. I simply ran it over the furniture and the fur was picked up and gone. BEST PURCHASE EVER.

      Sabine Kline

      So far, so good! I have a Maine kitty that I brush a few times a week on top of a bedsheet. The bedsheet is covered in hair after the brushing, but not after I'm done using this fur buster roller! This roller is a great size, feels durable, and gets the job done. I'm happy!

      Rebecca Blaine

      I got the fur buster roller yesterday and OMG it works like magic!! I should have gotten this thing a long time ago. I have a white cat with medium length fur and unfortunately, his favorite place to lounge is on our dark brown couch. So de-furring it is a must before we have company over. The old process would take around 7-10 minutes and about 10 layers of the sticky lint roller paper before our couch looked presentable again... Not anymore! FINALLY no more sticky lint rollers and it does a much better job! Plus, it's SO much quicker. I love this thing. It's a must for pet owners!!

      Andrew Newson

      I have 6 fur babies ranging from 4.5lbs to over 100. Short hair to long hair. We have used this on our beds. This Fur Buster roller removed hair we didn’t even realize was there. It is a definitely a great purchase. It collects the hair in a compartment, that you just lift the lid and can easily empty. Would highly recommend this to others.

      Fransisco Brazzi

      This Pet Rolly roller really works! I've used it on my bed, clothing, on the couch, and on my rugs and it picks up any pet hair and fuzz like a dream. My dog doesn't shed a ton but it builds up. The only thing that is a little bit annoying is when you open it up to clean it the hair tends to get stuck inside, between the two rollers. So you have to kind of pull it out. I use a pencil. Since I'd rather not touch the hair.

      Kelly Aaronson
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